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The foundation of my work is inspired from the book called Talaash (“Quest”) written by Mumtaz Mufti. My mission is to transform individual and organizations from good to great. I have more than 20 years versatile experience in providing Management Consultancy and Corporate Trainings. The distinguishing feature of my work is that I did not adopt the imitative style as motto during my creative journey. I observe human life and the issues surrounding it not through the lens of any particular movement or trend but independently. I have my own unique system of understanding and feeling human life and its ups and downs. My way of thinking and feeling is not general but individual. I had deep and serious experiences. And in the light of observations, I tried to see and examine everything out of the ordinary. I tried to peek inside a person through the outer walls. I have examined society not on the basis of external factors but on the basis of its internal elements. My father used to tell me that there are 3 types of People. First type are those people who learn from others. Second type are those people who learn by their mistakes i.e., Trial and Error. The third type are those people who never learn from mistakes. It means the role modeling is the best way of learning. In this picture you can see my daughter on the podium delivering a very motivational speech a day before her kidney transplantation. Remember! personal and private victory precedes public victory. These 3 months completely transformed my life. Despite facing chronic disease, she manages to pass her “O” Level exam with number of A Star. After the successful kidney transplantation, she got scholarship in “A” Level. Now she got admission in MBBS. She demonstrates resilience and She is my role model for developing my training “Highly Effective Executive” for Personal and Organizational Effectiveness.

Management Consultant and Corporate Trainer

Highly Experienced

Having more than 25 years quality experience in leading National and International Organizations.

Broad-Based Knowledge

Management ,QHSE, Marketing, Finance and Management Consultancy

Satisfied Clients

Clients highly regard my corporate consultancy and training services and rate 100% satisfaction level.

Walk the Talk

Unconventional trainers that “walk-the-talk” are instilling more human value at work and developing more human-centered workplaces for competitive advantage.

Fellow Member

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